a. How does it work?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses up to date, well researched, practical techniques from the fields of neuro-science, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). It is a talking therapy that can help you to make significant changes that will have a positive impact on your life, within a relatively short period of time.

It does this by helping you to focus on the present and future and not on the past. Together we will look at your preferred future (the solution), rather than looking back at what is wrong with, or what has been bad in your life (the problem).

Hypnosis, or the trance state, is achieved through the natural processes of relaxation and visualization. It reduces stress and anxiety, and combined with the power of positive suggestion, can reprogramme the subconscious mind and bring about a permanent change to thoughts, feelings and behaviours, very quickly.

Research shows that there is more scientific evidence for Hypnotherapy than any other Complementary Therapy

...by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of will-power and self-healing

The Health Education Authority
b. What should I expect?

The initial consultation is an informal discussion, during which, I will try to understand who you are, how you are feeling and what impact your condition is having on your life. From there, we can agree the best course of action to help you move forward. In order to change our thought and beviour patterns, it is important to understand how and why we suffer in the first place. I will spend some time explaining to you how the mind works in relation to anxiety, depression, fear, phobias, etc. This insight alone can make a significant impact and many of my clients feel immediately empowered.

I'll give you a free relaxation recording which will help you to continue to progress between sessions. Listening to this every night will significantly speed up the process as you learn to relax quickly and easily.

Subsequent sessions are based around a combination of positive psychotherapeutic discussion and hypnosis.

Hypnosis or trance, is a completely natural state of mind. During this part of the therapy session, you will feel calm and relaxed. It is a pleasant and enjoyable experience, similar to day dreaming. You will be aware of your surroundings and remain in complete control at all times.

c. Can I be hypnotised?

We experience a 'trance' state hundreds of times a day. Perhaps you have driven along a familiar road and not remembered parts of the journey, or maybe been so engrossed in a book or film you haven't noticed your name being called, that is 'trance state'.  We all have the capacity to go into at least a light trance and this is sufficient for most hypnotherapeutic goals.

d. Is it safe?

It is perfectly safe. No one can be 'hypnotised' against their will, nor can a hypnotherapist make a person do anything that they do not want to or morally object to.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.