Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for visiting the Hypnobirthing section of my website. How do you see yourself when you think about your upcoming birth? Anxious? In pain? Out of control? It is my aim to provide you with the tools you will need for a smoother, more positive birth experience.

The Hypnobirthing course will empower you to look after yourself during pregnancy, to alleviate fears, relax and to trust your body and baby, so that you can begin to imagine a calmer, happier birth experience.

Don’t be fooled by the 'HYPNO' element! Hypnobirthing is actually a very logical approach to achieving a calmer more comfortable birth experience. The content is scientifically based and backed by clinical research. It covers anatomy, physiology and the psychology of pregnancy and birth, as well as the techniques to help you maintain a clear calm mind such as relaxation, self-hypnosis, and visualisation.

Here at the Heath Practice, unlike most other birthing classes, sessions are in very small groups or on a one to one basis. Meaning whatever your previous experience, existing fears or anxieties and however you plan to birth your baby you will receive the very best personal support.


About Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is fast becoming a more widely recognised method of birth preparation. We as women are already equipped with everything we need to birth our babies safely and calmly, however over the last few hundred years we have developed many subconscious negative associations about the birth process. This negativity interferes with our belief and confidence in our ability to birth effectively, which leads to tension and pain. Hypnobirthing works to restore positive neural connections and provides tools to keep calm and comfortable so that your body and baby have the opportunity and space to do exactly what they were designed to do.

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About Me

Hypnobirthing has been a huge part of my life since discovering I was pregnant 2010. I was completely overjoyed, but petrified about the birth process. Long term negative beliefs about labour convinced me it would be excruciatingly painful, I simply could not fathom how the baby would get out without causing irreparable damage and imagined myself screaming down the corridor or being drugged or knocked out.

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