Depression is a prolonged period of feeling down or in a low mood. It can be triggered by difficult life events or sometimes it occurs for no obvious reason.

We are all likely to experience feelings or symptoms of depression at some point in our lives, usually these feelings can be helped by resolving a difficult situation, talking through the feelings with a friend or a positive distraction.

However for some people these feelings of depression can grow, become more persistent and can begin to negatively affect day to day life.

Symptoms and severity of depression will vary from person to person but are usually identified by a prolonged period of low mood (2 weeks or more), lack of interest in life or activities you once enjoyed, feelings of hopelessness, lethargy, lack of concentration, a change in eating patterns (over eating or loss of appetite), sleeping more than usual or insomnia, and in extreme cases having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self-harm.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and believe you may be depressed it is a good idea to consult your GP first. Treatments for depression can vary but Hypnotherapy is fast becoming a more recognised method for effectively lifting mood and the associated symptoms of depression in a relatively short time scale.

Using a combination of psychotherapy (talking therapy) and deep relaxation, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows you to gain a deep insight to the working mind. The technique works gently with your inner thought patterns to help you retake control, identify solutions and begin making positive life changes. The deep relaxation reinforces these positive ideas and builds confidence, calmness and the emotional resilience to move forward in life.

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