Cancer Research agree that tobacco is the single biggest avoidable cause of cancer in the world. Smoking causes over a quarter (28%) of cancer deaths in the UK. Smoking also causes thousands of deaths each year from other associated conditions such as heart and lung problems.

We all know the physical and financial drawbacks of smoking but using tobacco also has a large psychological effect on us. By the time a smoker reaches middle age they are 80% more likely to suffer clinical depression or Anxiety.

It is a powerful physical and psychological habit to break which is why so many of us (18% UK population) continue to do so. Many find all sorts of reasons to ‘justify’ the habit, some find the process of stopping too overwhelming to even try, and others find themselves in a cycle of stopping for short or long periods before slipping back into the old routine. Hypnotherapy is a recognised method for effectively and efficiently stopping smoking for good.

Using a combination of psychotherapy (talking therapy) and deep relaxation, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows you to gain a deep insight to the working mind. The technique works gently with your inner thought patterns to help you retake control, identify solutions and begin making positive life changes. The deep relaxation reinforces these positive ideas and builds confidence, calmness and the emotional resilience to move forward in life smoke free.

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