Just like the colour of our eyes, our height or shoe size, people come in all different sizes. An ideal weight or body shape isn’t necessarily determined by a number on a scale, a calculated Body Mass Index or clothes sizes but rather on a personal feeling.

Many people spend long periods of life battling with weight gain or loss using all manner of diets and slimming aids. Luckily some people do eventually find their ideal combination of diet and exercise that helps them maintain their healthy ideal body weight. However many people become trapped in the negative cycle of dieting, over eating and feeling guilty for years without ever really achieving that inner ideal weight or feeling.

With an abundance of sugar and salt laden tasty foods to tempt us coupled with a high social expectation examples of body conscious focus more and more on appearance it is unsurprising more and more of us develop.

Change how you feel about food and more importantly how you feel about yourself. We have the ability to achieve so much more when we feel self-fulfilled, confident and happier. Hypnotherapy is fast becoming a more recognised method for effectively overcoming weight issues. It breaks negative cycle of dieting, over eating, feeling guilty and eating again. It removes the need to count calories, to cut out food groups or abide by the rules of the “free” or “sin” culture.

Instead we use a combination of psychotherapy (talking therapy) and deep relaxation. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows you to gain a deep insight to the working mind. The technique works gently with your inner thought patterns to help you retake control, identify solutions and begin making positive life changes. The deep relaxation reinforces these positive ideas and builds confidence, calmness and the emotional resilience to move forward in life.

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