You may find it difficult to place a value on yourself or judge your self worth. But investing in ‘you’ both financially and emotionally is the very best investment you can ever make. Be it a membership to the gym, a warm coat in winter, a haircut before an interview or an opportunity to leave negative thoughts, behaviours and habits behind. When you feel better, when you feel happier life becomes so much easier and that is time and money well spent.



Price list

Initial consultation 1 - 1.5 hrs £60 (Under 18’s £48)

Subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions £60

Hypnobirthing 4 Sessions plus MP3’s and course material £240

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions you may require is very difficult to predict. For Hypnobirthing and Phobia therapy the usual is 4 sessions in total - although this can be more if there are underlying anxieties. For all other conditions or complaints I would aim to work with a client for as little as 6 - 8 sessions to see a marked ongoing improvement. It depends entirely on the issue(s), the willingness and belief that change is possible, and your level of commitment.

We take each session as it comes so that you are in full control of how many sessions you feel you need and the frequency in which they occur.

Your appointment is important to me as is your commitment to the process. Your session is time reserved especially for you and if you forget about it, or cancel at short notice (24 hours) you will be charged a cancellation fee, equivalent to a full session.

*I work hard to keep my fees fair and in line with other similar therapies in the locality. I do, on occasion, offer a reduced rate if a client is genuinely unable to meet the full cost of therapy. I am only available to offer a reduction to one client at a time and, as such, a waiting list applies.