A feeling of unease, such as worry or fear that can be mild or severe
— nhs

We are all likely to experience feelings or symptoms of anxiety at some point in our lives. A little worry about how to pay the mortgage can motivate you to get a better job or make sensible financial cut backs.

However for some these feelings of worry and anxiety can grow, become more persistent and can begin to negatively affect day to day life.

As well as psychological symptoms such as being on edge, tearful, panicky, vigilant, obsessional, uneasy and seeking constant reassurance there are also many physical symptoms that are triggered and exacerbated by periods of high anxiety. These can include palpitations, changes in appetite, hypertension, feeling dizzy, and headaches, IBS, sweating, chest pain, physical pain, addictions and many more.

Hypnotherapy can help…

Regardless of the root cause of your anxiety, Hypnotherapy can help you boost feelings of confidence and self-worth while reducing those overwhelming feelings of worry and fear. It can help you develop an ability to access a calm, tranquil state of mind which is needed to negotiate the often difficult emotions associated with anxiety.