an estimated one in 10 men and almost 50% women are effected by a sexual problem
— hypnotherapy directory - nhs

Many people experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives. Often these issues will quickly resolve themselves however for some people these issues can grow, become more persistent and can begin to negatively affect day to day life.

Sexual issues vary and can be caused by many factors including anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, previous sexual experiences, lack of confidence, relationship issues, social expectation, or specific physical sexual issues such as hormone imbalance or medication for example.

Sexual dysfunctions include erectile dysfunction, delayed or premature ejaculation, loss of sex drive or libido, inability to orgasm, vaginismus, phobias or fear of intimacy, and sex addiction or porn addiction.

Hypnotherapy can help…

Hypnotherapy works by helping to remove the psychological barriers surrounding intercourse. The techniques will help rebuild your general confidence and self esteem which allow you to trust your body, quieten those negative voices and rebuild a positive, calmer association with sexual intercourse.